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First and foremost, the mastering process is about listening. Our studio utilizes a calibrated monitoring system and extensive acoustic treatment to provide a neutral environment that will reveal any issues in your material. After a careful audition of the material, a plan is formulated to present your music in the best possible light. There are no default settings, presets or formulas — every song has a unique personality and will receive the attention needed to achieve its optimal final sound.

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It is important for us to understand your vision for the project before manipulating a single bit. We want to ensure that the mastering process will provide the results you desire. You are welcome to submit a reference mix from another artist demonstrating the type of sound you hope to achieve after mastering. If a submitted mix exhibits any problems which would limit the quality of the final master (such as excessive distortion, noise, or effects processing), we will advise you on any mix adjustments which will yield a better result.

A spectrally balanced track translates favorably to a wide range of playback systems and does not cause listener fatigue. We apply equalization to achieve an appropriate tonal balance for your track and provide the most pleasureable listening experience.

Whether you desire competitive loudness or more dynamics, we use a combination of limiting, compression, and other techniques to bring the volume of your tracks to an appropriate commercial level.

Compression is an important tool for enhancing the power, presence, and punch of your mixes. Over-compressed or lifeless mixes will can regain vitality though transient enhancement.

Subtle enhancement of the stereo image of your song can help bring it to life on full range speakers. Mixes with an unbalanced stereo image or phase issues can be corrected.

Obtrusive clicks, hiss, crackle, hum or other noises can be removed from your mix without noticeable digital artifacts.

Dither is applied at the end of the processing chain. This final step eliminates distortion caused by digital quantization errors when reducing the audio bitrate (usually to 16-bit resolution CD audio format). Low-level musical details (such as fade-outs, reverb tails) have greater clarity after dithering.

We can apply smooth fade-ins or fade-outs or track crossfades according to your specifications.

The Final Sound provides a host of other audio services (e.g. restoration of old recordings, creating high-quality MP3's of your songs for internet distribution, etc.). Please feel free to contact us regarding any audio-related request.